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Lil’ Beaver 2.0 Ultrasonic Scaling Unit – Vector

Convenient front mounted water control with large easy to adjust dial. Turbo boost, 2 position foot pedal – press lightly for dial regular dial power, press firmly for TURBO! Digital power adjustment with LED lit power display panel. Front mounted main power switch – shutting the unit off when left unattended just got a whole […]

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ProVeneer The Ultimate System For Creating Lifelike Veneers  CALL TIGER TODAY TO PLACE YOUR ORDER ProVeneer System Kit Assorted Pack Includes: 10 x RBFM Single Use Paks (shades 3x A1, 2x A2, 2x B1, 3x  BW) 1 x ProVeneer Bonding Agent 1 x ProFil Flow Cement 1 x ProEtch and Accessories Each ProVeneer Kit makes […]

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Text Message Marketing in Small Business

Image from Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock Text Message Marketing Texting has become a preferred method of communication. Nielsen research shows that Americans text at least twice as much as they call, on average. Now here are the statistics that are most important to the small business owner: nine out of 10 consumers want to communicate with brands and […]

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Enamelite® Spray Glazes:

Guarantees shade-matching under natural and artificial light for zirconia, lithium-disilicate, and lithium-silicate restorations.  Stain and glaze in one firing. Reduces labor cost, increases efficiency. Won’t puddle at margins. Glaze multiple thin, uniform, & accurate coats IN SECONDS. Faster drying than brush-on applications Compatible with ALL dental ceramics.

panavia sa cement plus
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PANAVIA SA CEMENT PLUS 3rd Qtr Special – Buy 4 Panavia SA Cement Plus, get Panavia SA Cement Plus at no additional cost http://bit.ly/2qy0Ngt Eligible Product # 3352KA Handmix Universal, 3353KA Handmix White, 3354KA Handmix Translucent, 3382KA Automix Universal, 3383KA Automix White, 3384KA Automix Translucent (Must be equal or lesser value of purchased product)