BONDING AGENTS – Manage your costs with a Premium Brand

ProLink Ethanol Based Single Step Bonding Agent – $59.99 Fast, easy and convenient total-etch Outstanding shear bonding values Suitable for a variety of indications Alternative to: Optibond Solo Plus, Excite F & Single Bond Plus       Pro Link Universal Dental Adhesive – $59.99 Single step bonding agent Outstanding shear bonding values Advanced Colloidal […]

Why Vacations Are Important For Small Business Owners

Your health. All work and no play makes for stress Creativity. Focusing on getting things done is a left-brained activity. Creativity comes from the right side of your brain. Give your left side a break. Your family.  Vacation presents the opportunity to renew your connections with your family, without the usual workaday duties and distractions. Perspective. It’s always helpful to […]

Top 10 Dental Practice Marketing Ideas

Fostering a relationship-based practice Hiring the right staff Create a marketing brochure or newsletter Don’t scrimp on giving a complete exam on initial visits Start up a mailing list Start a patient referral program Place ads in neighborhood community newsletters Institute a patient follow-up program/process Join your local business consortia and your community Chamber of […]